Monday, October 17, 2011

More updates

Ive decided to try to catch up on my blog today during breaks at work, so this is the reasoning for all the updates today... Anyhow, over the course of the last year or so, tremendous progress with Cuervo has been made. He is such a fabulous horse! He is completely over not trusting anyone but me. I have had my family members feed him, friends groom him, etc, & have had several riders on him. He does very well with different saddle styles and types. He is very patient with beginner riders with heavy hands or lack of balance. I have ridden him bareback, down the road alone, & out on numerous trail rides, all with great results. He has went through the natural horsemanship levels with unbelievable speed, accuracy, and enthusiasm. He loves his job. He is super sensitive to all cues, & remains tuned in for most of all lessons. He rides and free lunges in time with my breathing, which was my ultimate goal with him. If I want him to be on the lazy side, i personally mood myself up with a lazy demeanor. If i want a more "showy" attitude from him, i first psyche myself up with that attitude. Then he wows me. I have found that if I "connect" with him first, he is even more in tuned with me. He will literally "mirror" my body. If i lift my shoulder, he lifts his, so teaching the spanish walk, was so simple, i could barely believe it. And he is much like myself, in being a bit on the perfectionist side. He literally wants to keep working on a lesson until he perfects it. When learning the spanish walk, he kept doing it long after the session was over! He is such a clown! Anyhow, break is about over, so more updates to follow
Sadly enough my daughter had lost interest in horses again, and Castiel became a pasture ornament. Poor Cass, just kept getting fatter & fatter with numerous dietsshe still kept gaining weight. With my ensanely busy schedule with the apprenticeship classes & 50 hours a week of work, no one was riding her. With her being so young, and fear of her talents being wasted, we decided to rehome her. We were blessed to find her the perfect home! She has gone to a wonderful gal that is using her for mounted shooting. Her new onwers absoluteley adore her. We sure miss her, but are thrilled to have matched her with the right family. That was our biggest goal.


Well, it has been a long time since I have had a chance to update this blog. Alot has happened. I will try to catch up over the next few posts as time allows. First off, the Illionois BLM has closed. In finding out that they were going to close, I was told that there were 5 sulphur mustangs that were needing homes. I was told that if they werent adopted, that they might be put down. Anyone that knows me, knows I just could not let this happen. So, last summer, I made some calls & got approved to adopt a few more, & found adopters for the others. Of course my farm is too small to supply enough grazing for that many horses, so i gentled them & found loving homes to reassign them. But the good news is that they all found good homes. In doing so, Anejo, fell in love with a good friend, Marlene, who just had to have her, and reassigned her. They are both doing wonderfull, & are a great team. Im so thrilled that these sulphurs found good homes.