Tuesday, August 18, 2009

On the road to recovery!!!

     Well, tonite was a blessing! After hearing from my surgeon that I might not be able to ride again, in fear of reinjuring my ankle, I had considered placing the mustangs in a new home. When it came down to it, I just couldnt go through with it, thank God, I saw this BEFORE they found new homes. Anyhow, I decided that since the surgeon said I need to start walking on my leg, still using crutches, to rebuild the muscling that was lost, and to rehabilitate the leg and ankle, I decided tonite, to walk down to the barn, and try grooming the horses. This was the first time I had walked down there in six weeks. I didnt expect much, just perhaps to be able to groom on Cass, since she has no fear, and would try to approach Cuervo with the crutches. I assumed he would be terrified of them. Beings he had only really been a one person horse, and I was his person, I figured that he would have revirted back to his wild ways, with me not being able to work with him. Todd had only worked with him a few times, and it still took alot of approach and retreat to get up to him. I couldnt have been more surprised! Cuervo actually missed me! I think perhaps he knew that I had been hurt, as it took him a few days to get over the fear of my wheelchair, but he would at least come up to me for a quick hello. Not tonite! I gimped over to let them in the arena, and he came trotting right up to me, and wrapped his neck around me, for what I call his hug. I groomed on Cass for a bit, and he got jealous and came in between she and I. He didnt get mean about it, but clearly made a point to her (she is the queen bee, between the two) to step out in between us. So I groomed him completely too. He kept hugging me, and gave me so many horse kisses I thought my husband would get jealous. Heehee. I then walked away from them, and they followed. I got out Cuervos jollyball and we played with it. Then I walked out of the arena and into the pasture and they followed me outside. Of course they walk faster than me on crutches, so they passed me up, and I went to set on the edge of the water trough. Cuervo was glued to me! Cass pouted, as she loves being the center of attention. They inspired me to take a walk out in the pasture. So, fact is, they are helping me recover!!!! This is the first time since I was told to walk on my leg (last friday), that I have taken this much initiative to get the exercize in. The doc said I should start on the crutches, and put as much weight on it as I could stand to. Use the crutches to carry the remaineder of the weight, and eventually use the crutches less and less until I can get rid of them. I wont say I wasnt in pain, because I was, but once I got around the horses, I decided to ditch the crutches for my little walk out in the pasture. So, I am claiming today, the first day of recovery, and owe it to my best friends, Castiel and Cuervo! Thanks guys. Sorry the photos are crappy, they were taken on my phone, but I am posting them, so I can look at them daily, to give me the courage and inspiration to continue my rehabilitation! Out in the pasture Cuervo wanting his turn to get loved on.    

Friday, July 17, 2009

Cuervo's gallery

The above two photos are credited to Naylene Nield. Thanks Naylene, for sending these to me. The next five were taken by the BLM when Cuervo was first captured at the Delta, UT holding facility.
finally used
to the saddle
struttin his stuff
like a
he didnt like the saddle!
all dressed up
the introduction.
first day in the pasture
first day together
first bath
Some of you wanted it, now you've got it. :P A few of you had emailed me asking for more photos of my recently BLM adopted (4/25/09) Spanish Sulphur Mustang, Cuervo. He is three years old, and the other man in my life. He was captured in November of 08. From day one, we had a connection and became loving partners very quickly. He will have a forever home with me. I am so blessed to have found such a smart, loyal and protective horse. I have said many times, "I feel as if I found a brand new, untouched Ferrari for a quarter." Out of all the rare breed horses I have had, spending thousands and thousands of dollars for them, he is by far the cheapest ($125 adoption fee) AND my favorite. Who wouldof guessed. LOL. You can find quality in the wild mustang! Please, before you go out and buy another horse, PLEASE, at least consider adopting a wild mustang! There is nothing like the bond you can share with a horse, than that of gentling a wild spirit! It will change you! I promise!If you would like to see the progress we made on his very first day at his new home go to my website
also more photos of him at

Who says mustangs can't be trusted????

too precious.
Ok for all of you who think mustangs are rogues, stupid, cannot be trained, and can never be trusted... Get aload of this!!! This is Kadie June, she is my neice. Just turned ten and has been riding for about a year now. She had to unfortunately sell her horse when they moved to Decatur.
Anyhow, she had a need to be with horses, I had the need for someone to work with the horses (after shattering my ankle and breaking my leg), so we came up with a resolution for both of us.
Keep in mind that the mustangs had not had any handling for two weeks, since my accident. When she got here, she admitted she no longer had a saddle that fit, it went with her horse, nor did she have a helmet, but I could not tell that precious little girl no. So, I made her promise she would only walk Cass until we got her the proper equipment. Anyhow, it went great. They got along beautifully. Cass has been with us since sept. 08, and has only been going under saddle for a few months, hit and miss, with my crazy schedule. But she is a baby doll. Loves people, and ADORES kids. The next day, she worked with Cuervo, who has only let ME approach him, and she was able to pet and scratch him. Way to go Kadie June! If she continues to do a good job, and enjoys working with mustangs, I will help her get things ready to compete in next years Yearling Challenge. By looking at the photos, I believe she is enjoying herself. LOL

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

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Meet Cuervo

Cuervo is my main squeeze. He is a three year
old silver grulla, gelding from Sulphur Springs, Utah. I adopted him from the BLM back at the end of April, 2009. He was capured in November of 2007. The photo second from the top was taken on 7/14/09. I had saw him in a few photos listed
on the BLM website in the Delta, UT facility (top photo). Immediately, I knew that he was going to change my life forever. I contacted Lisa Reid at the facility, and made arrangements to get him shipped to me.
Since his arrival, I have he has become the absolute love of my life! I have found the horse for me! We have formed a bond that amazes me on a daily basis! Cuervo will have a forever home with me.