Friday, July 17, 2009

Cuervo's gallery

The above two photos are credited to Naylene Nield. Thanks Naylene, for sending these to me. The next five were taken by the BLM when Cuervo was first captured at the Delta, UT holding facility.
finally used
to the saddle
struttin his stuff
like a
he didnt like the saddle!
all dressed up
the introduction.
first day in the pasture
first day together
first bath
Some of you wanted it, now you've got it. :P A few of you had emailed me asking for more photos of my recently BLM adopted (4/25/09) Spanish Sulphur Mustang, Cuervo. He is three years old, and the other man in my life. He was captured in November of 08. From day one, we had a connection and became loving partners very quickly. He will have a forever home with me. I am so blessed to have found such a smart, loyal and protective horse. I have said many times, "I feel as if I found a brand new, untouched Ferrari for a quarter." Out of all the rare breed horses I have had, spending thousands and thousands of dollars for them, he is by far the cheapest ($125 adoption fee) AND my favorite. Who wouldof guessed. LOL. You can find quality in the wild mustang! Please, before you go out and buy another horse, PLEASE, at least consider adopting a wild mustang! There is nothing like the bond you can share with a horse, than that of gentling a wild spirit! It will change you! I promise!If you would like to see the progress we made on his very first day at his new home go to my website
also more photos of him at

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